Automate your internal communications

Pulse is a lightweight project management app that integrates with Slack to help you manage your remote team. Join our waitlist for access to our private beta!

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Manage your remote team

Set up automatic updates in Slack for everyone on your team

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Automatic project updates

Create projects and automate progress reports to make sure it gets done on time

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Keep the pulse of your org

Create custom reports to monitor morale, conduct reviews, and more

Integrate with all your favorite productivity apps

Pulse integrates with Slack, Gmail, Teams, and more to send you straightforward reports and status updates

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How it works

1. Add the Pulse slackbot
2. Setup custom reporting in the Pulse app.
3. Select team members
1. Connect Pulse
to your Slack workspace
2. Easily set up custom reporting inside the Pulse app
3. Select team members you want
to hear from
4. Receive updates automatically - without asking!


Pulse helps founders of remote companies save time while fostering better environments for their team members. Here’s what they have to say.

With Pulse we're so much more efficient since we now know how far along projects are and if time can be better spent elsewhere.
Jonah Travis, Knoow
After automating 1-on-1s and daily updates for our team I save at least 2 hours per week and our team actually runs more smoothly.
Alex Weitzman, Amori
Our team’s morale has gone up so much since we signed up for Pulse. Employees feel heard which makes our team more productive!
Zac Stern, Official
The reports that I get make it super easy to gather information on the projects, employees, and contractors I am managing.
Varun Iyer, Spott
We have a distributed team at ReMatter and Pulse makes it so much easier by automating a huge chunk of the communication.
Sean O'Bannon, ReMatter
With Pulse I can customize the feedback I want in my inbox. I get morale reports monthly and project reports weekly.
Sam Sends,

Plans & Pricing

Pulse pricing scales with you.
Pulse Pro


Per employee, per month.
One month FREE trial.

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Pulse Pro Includes:
  • Asynchronous 1:1s
  • Custom projects
  • Daily custom updates
  • Slack integration
  • Gmail integration
  • Teams integration
  • Unlimited usage
More satisfied and productive team members

Set custom goals and delivery dates then receive automated reminders and progress reports for a more aligned team and a streamlined workflow

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Receive feedback from every employee, everyday, without asking

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Get easy analyzable reports straight to your inbox

Connect with your team consistently and easily, while reducing the number of meetings. Free up more time to do work that excites you, and less time scheduling and managing.

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Eliminate unnecessary meetings

With Pulse, you can automate project status updates to stay in sync without meeting

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